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Our team of qualified dental professionals in Sioux Falls is committed to providing optimal dental care to people of all ages. We place special emphasis on family, cosmetic (aesthetic), restorative and implant dental services. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful and functional smile by combining the art and science of dentistry. If you are looking for dentists in Sioux Falls, General Dentistry Limited is the ideal practice for you.

At General Dentistry Limited, we offer dental services that meet the individual needs of our patients. Our mission is to provide excellence in dentistry through every facet of the patient experience. We strive to accomplish our mission through impeccable customer service, a competent and skilled Sioux Falls dental team, collaboration of doctor and patient, uncompromising quality of care and the desire to be exceptional.

The Services We Offer

General Dentistry Limited offers a range of dental services to families in Sioux Falls, SD. We provide safe and effective cosmetic, preventative, and restorative treatments. Learn more about our services below.

Quality Dentistry You Can Depend On

Since 1975, General Dentistry Limited has been providing exceptional dental care in South Dakota. Our dentists in Sioux Falls strive to deliver the best dental care in the area. We also make sure that our patients leave our practice happy and worry-free by providing remarkable customer service.

Headed by Dr. Katie Reardon, General Dentistry Limited believes in a collaborative approach between patient and doctor. We take time to listen to the thoughts and concerns of our patients, and include them in the planning of their treatment. We treat our patients the way we treat our families. This way, you can be sure that you receive quality dental care that is safe and gentle.

Consistent and Reliable Service

General Dentistry Limited maintains high levels of accreditation, and pursues education to stay ahead of dental trends and treatments. Our dental professionals focus on diagnosing and treating conditions associated not only on the teeth, but also on the gums. We provide complete oral care that customers can rely on anytime.

Our practice follows five core values to make sure that we provide exceptional customer service. Our core values include Integrity, Loyalty, Competency, Aspiration to be Better, and an Open-Minded, Positive Approach. We keep these core values in mind every time we treat a patient. We believe that a good dental practice does not only require knowledge and technique, but also a remarkable service.


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Why Choose Us

why-choose-us_icon-1Dr. Reardon is a member of six (6) dental organizations and related groups in the US. We strive to stay up to date with the latest dental techniques and equipment. We will never compromise quality of care.

why-choose-us_icon-2At General Dentistry Limited we believe in a “patient centered approach” to practicing dentistry. We treat patients as we would members of our own families. We take the time to listen and understand each individual situation. We understand you have put your trust in us and we take that role very seriously.

why-choose-us_icon-3Our core values—integrity, competency, loyalty, open-mindedness with a positive approach and the aspiration to be better—make us the premier dental team in the Sioux Falls area.

why-choose-us_icon-4At General Dentistry Limited, we utilize the most current dental techniques and materials. This allows Dr. Reardon to guide our patients in making informed decisions that are appropriate for their individual needs.

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